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Toyota GR Supra

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The Eibach PRO-ALIGNMENT camber arm is an adjustable suspension component designed specifically for the Toyota GR Supra. Developed for ease of use, precise camber adjustments can be made on the vehicle without removal of arms or other components. Designed with a fixed inboard bearing, our control arms feature increased strength and clearance over existing turn-buckle style arms. Additionally, all adjustments are made outboard allowing easier access for tools and eliminating the need to tighten inboard lock-nuts. GR Supra control arms are equipped with high quality, motorsport grade Aurora bearings and designed for easy service throughout the life of the product. From the street to the track, the PRO-ALIGNMENT camber arms features a camber adjustment range from 0.0 to -4.5 degrees.

  • Lightweight and durable Billet 6061-T6 aluminum construction
  • Motorsport grade Aurora PTFE lined rod-ends and bearings
  • Suitable for street or track use with adjustment range from 0.0 to -4.5 degrees
  • Made by Eibach
2021-2023 Toyota GR Supra Rear Chamber Arms

Adjustment: 0 to -4.5 deg.


2021-2023 Toyota GR Supra before


2021-2023 Toyota GR Supra after