Platinum Dirt Modified

Eibach Platinum Spring

Ultra Lightweight

Designed specifically for the Dirt Modified Racer, the PLATINUM SERIES springs are engineered using our proprietary ultra-high tensile alloy to deliver increased travel, maximum rate linearity, lightest physical weights and legendary durability.

  • Optimized for extra travel and lightweight construction
  • Increased travel reduces shear loads and stores more energy, which equals increased grip in and off the corner.
  • Individually dyno tested
  • Available front and rear rates designed to be paired for maximum traction

Designed as a System

This is more than just a series of individual coils, the PLATINUM SERIES Springs are designed as a system. With the help of series Champions, we have engineered this system to work in harmony from front to rear, giving the driver increased control by way of the precise weight transfer characteristics of the system.

Eibach Platinum Spring drawing