Pro-Truck Coilover 2.0 Performance Damper

Eibach Pro-Truck Coilover

Fine Tune Your Height

Developed utilizing our extended-travel monotube design and variable force valving, Eibach PRO-TRUCK COILOVER 2.0 delivers control during on-road transit and compliance for maximum traction on the trails.

  • Lift heights ranging from 2-4" depending on application.
  • Threaded spring perch for fine height adjustment
  • Developed to provide balanced ride quality and control, both on and off-road
  • Increased travel and ground clearance
  • Monotube damper design

Weight Compensation

The adjustable threaded spring perch allows the accommodation of additional weight and maximizes clearance. This is important when trucks are equipped with heavy gear such as metal front bumpers, winches, lights, skid plates, and more.

Eibach Pro Truck Coilover drawing

Variable Force Valving

Designed to provide a controlled comfortable ride on road, and as force and piston speeds increase off-road our proprietary valve stack activates to control the vehicle over large bumps and g-outs.

Varaible Force Valving illustration

Upgrade Your Ride

Discover the performance-enhancing capabilities of the Eibach PRO-TRUCK Coilover 2.0 and take your vehicle to the next level. Easily locate coilovers for your specific make and model using the application search below, or purchase from one of our trusted authorized dealers and online retailers.