PRO-TRUCK Reservoir Performance Damper

Eibach PRO-TRUCK Reservoir shock

Consistent Performance

Eibach's PRO-TRUCK Reservoir shocks are designed and engineered to improve the off-road performance of your vehicle. Unlike traditional shocks, “resi” shocks use a remote reservoir which allows additional fluid to dissipate heat more effectively - reducing shock fade. Resi shocks also allow for more responsive performance by reducing aeration (foaming) of the internal fluids by separating it from the nitrogen gas charge.

  • Improved performance on rough terrain
  • Increased durability and lifespan of your shocks
  • Enhance control and stability in high-speed off-road environments
  • Reduced shock fade

Resi Technology

The PRO-TRUCK Reservoir uses our same quality 46mm piston, heavy duty zinc coated cylinder, and nitro-steel shaft from our PRO-TRUCK Sport Shocks. Additionally, custom billet aluminum mounting brackets and fittings ensure our resi shocks will stand up to the abuse of off-road driving.

Eibach Pro-Truck Reservoir drawing

PRO-TRUCK Sport Shock

Eibach Stock vs Pro-Kit comparison

Unlike a basic twin-tube damper, this design eliminates the need for nitrogen gas to be inside the fluid area. Rather, the nitrogen gas is seperated from the shock fluid by a free-floating piston. The free piston presses against the gas chamber under aggressive compression to provide extra damping force. Additionally, all of the shock oil is in a single chamber, reducing heat usually caused from having to transfer between the inner and outer cylinders.

PRO-TRUCK Reservoir

Eibach Stock vs Pro-Kit comparison

Increased fluid capacity greatly reduces heat that's created from repeated and extended abuse and improves overall longevity among the shock's components. This feature is especially key for overlanding, as the added weight of skid plates, a roof rack, storage, spare wheel, rooftop tent, and other weight-gaining gear can immensely affect the vehicle's damping qualities on the trail.