DRAG-LAUNCH Competition Springs

Eibach DRAG-LAUNCH Spring

Maximum Traction

Unleash Maximum Traction at the strip with Eibach's Drag Launch Kit. Precision engineered to enhance weight transfer and control axle torque, our drag launch kit is designed to deliver consistent, hard launches and lower 1/4-mile ET's.

  • Consistently lowers 1/4 mile ET's
  • Controlled weight transfer
  • Provides maximum traction & reduced wheel spin
  • Excellent ride quality
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Consistent Launches

Success in drag racing requires hard, consistent launches at the starting line. Proper management of weight transfer is vital for success in the quarter-mile. Eibach has the answer. Our DRAG-LAUNCH kits are engineered to do one thing: provide maximum traction to the drive wheels, front or rear, import or domestic.

Eibach Drag-Launch spring drawing

Lower Your ET's

Traction is increased through increased weight transfer to the drive wheels on launch.

Eibach Drag-Launch spring illustration