Bump Spring System
Precision Bump Tuning

Eibach Extreme Travel Barrel Spring

Soft Spring Tuning

Eibach Bump Springs are the ultimate solution for “soft spring” dirt and pavement racing. Our bump spring system is specifically engineered to provide maximum travel and consistency in the most extreme racing conditions.

  • Ultra-lightweight for reduced unsprung mass
  • Repeatable performance—block and sag resistant
  • Precision fit cap and spacer system for 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch shaft sizes
  • Maximum travel in all rates

Comprehensive System

Through on-track development, Eibach has engineered a spring and cap system light weight and compact enough to fit pavement series setups, with maximum amounts of linear travel needed for dirt series racers. The consistent performance of the Eibach Bump Spring System translates to increased aero efficiency, maximum grip and superior control at the limit.

Eibach Barrel Spring drawing

Bump Spring Caps

Bump spring locator caps are CNC precision machined for an accurate fit with Eibach bump springs.

Bump Spring Shims

Bump spring shims are designed for tuning the engagement point of the bump spring or bump stop. Our shims are made from laser cut Delrin material and come in packs of 5.

Eibach Bump Spring Box

Bump Spring Box

  • Padded travel case for eibach bump springs
  • Foam insert designed to fit springs, caps and shims
  • Fits 8 bump springs and 8-10 bump spring caps or bump spring shims