PRO-DAMPER Performance Shocks

Superior Handling & Ride Quality

Upgrade your vehicle's suspension with the Eibach Pro-Damper, engineered to provide superior handling and ride quality for performance enthusiasts and daily drivers alike. The PRO-DAMPER is a direct replacement for your vehicle's stock shock absorbers and is easy to install.

  • Improved handling and control
  • Controlled, compliant ride quality
  • Increased durability and realiability
  • Optimized damping for PRO-KIT & SPORTLINE

Quality You Can Count On

Eibach is known for our high-quality suspension components, and our PRO-DAMPER is no exception. With over 70 years of experience manufacturing aftermarket suspension products, you can count on our outstanding durability and reliability that holds true throughout all of our products.


Stock Shock Dyno

When lowering a vehicle on stock dampers, the travel of the piston will be reduced. This means that there will be a reliance on a bump stop in extreme cases (hard dips, large bumps) to prevent the shock from bottoming out interally.


Eibach PRO-DAMPER Shock Dyno

Unlike a most stock dampers, the PRO-DAMPER is optimized for use with lower height springs like the PRO-KIT and SPORTLINE. This means that the damper has optimal stroke lengths throughout it's travel after the vehicle has been lowered.