Elastomer Bump Stops Tunable Traction

Elastomer Bump Stops

Tunable Traction

Eibach Bump Stops are a vital part of a well-engineered suspension system, and are used to create a highly progressive, rising-rate effect as springs approach bottoming and possible coil binding. We offer an extensive range in various designs, sizes and spring-rate characteristics, to suit just about any form of racing.

  • Extensive travel with minimal lateral expansion
  • Made from a micro-cellular polyurethane elastomer
  • Progressive compression and damping characteristics
  • Highly tunable and adjustable

An Extra Edge

Bump stops have recently been approved by several circle-track sanctioning bodies to solve possible control and safety issues relating to abrupt coil-bind in increasingly popular softer spring set ups. They are a great solution for smoothly controlling the wheel as the spring nears full compression, and deliver a significant positive impact on cornering grip, overall handling and driver confidence.

Elastomer Bump Stops drawing

Upgrade to Eibach

Use the dimension search below to find springs that are best suited for your setup. Not sure which parts to choose? Contact Eibach Tech Support or an authorized Eibach dealer to help you decide what is best for your application.