Stage 2R
Performance Lift Kit

Eibach Pro-Truck-Lift Stage 2 Rear Coilovers and Shocks

Elevate Your Truck's Performance

Developed for the trail, the Eibach PRO-TRUCK-LIFT Stage 2R is made to handle the toughest terrain. Combining the adjustability of our PRO-TRUCK Coilover 2.0 up front with the consistent performance of our PRO-TRUCK Reservoir damper out back, the Stage 2R delivers superb damping control and comfort no matter what you throw at it.

  • Lift heights ranging from 2-4" depending on application.
  • Threaded spring perch for fine height adjustment
  • Developed to provide balanced ride quality and control, both on and off-road
  • Increased travel and ground clearance
  • Monotube damper design

Front PRO-TRUCK Coilover 2.0's

The front PRO-TRUCK Coilover 2.0's allows for precise ride height adjustment which is especially when compensating for additional weight. This is important when trucks are equipped with heavy gear such as metal front bumpers, winches, lights, skid plates, and more.

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Eibach Pro-Truck Coilover 2.0 drawing
Eibach Pro-Truck-Lift Stage 2 Rear Coilovers and Shocks

Rear PRO-TRUCK Reservoir Shocks

Unlike traditional shocks, "resi" shocks use a remote reservoir which allows additional fluid to dissipate heat more effectively - reducing shock fade. Resi shocks also allow for more responsive performance by reducing aeration (foaming) of the internal fluids by separating it from the nitrogen gas charge. This is best suited for vehicles with extra weight over the rear axle.

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Eibach Stock vs Pro-Kit comparison

The OEM's design their suspension to appeal to the masses. While it may ride comfortably, stock springs do not provide the performance and ground clearance that off-road enthusiasts are looking for.


Eibach Stock vs Pro-Kit comparison

Without compromising ride quality, the PRO-LIFT-KIT Stage 2 lifts your vehicle to a tasteful height while retaining adjustability to compensate for added weight.

Which PRO-TRUCK-LIFT is right for you?

Eibach offers three Pro-Truck-Lift systems, each engineered for different levels of off-road performance.

Feature Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 2R
Lift amount 1.0 - 3.0 Inches 0.0 - 4.0 Inches 0.0 - 4.0 Inches
Adjustment Clip-Style Threaded Perch Threaded Perch
  • Front+Rear PRO-TRUCK-SPORT Shocks
  • Front PRO-LIFT-KIT Springs
  • Rear PRO-LIFT-KIT Springs (if applicable)
  • Front PRO TRUCK Coilover 2.0
  • Rear PRO-TRUCK Sport Shocks
  • Rear PRO-LIFT-KIT Springs (if applicable)
  • Front PRO TRUCK Coilover 2.0
  • Rear PRO-TRUCK Reservoir Shocks
  • Rear PRO-LIFT-KIT Springs (if applicable)

Upgrade to Eibach

Use the application search below to discover all the performance-enhancing capabilities Eibach has to offer for your vehicle. Not sure which parts to choose? Contact Eibach Tech Support or an authorized Eibach dealer to help you decide what lift system is right for you..