CPRA Disclosure Notice to Applicants/Employees

Please take notice that Eibach, Inc. referred to as “The Company” collects certain information about you. For more information on the Company's policies, please refer to the Company's privacy policy in its handbook:

California's California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) and California Privacy Rights Act (“CPRA”) provide California applicants and employees with certain rights:

Where We Get Your Information From. The Company collects information about you from the following sources: 1) you; 2) prior employers, references, recruiters, job-related social media platforms; 3) third-party sources of demographic information; 4) third-party companies, such as background check companies, drug testing facilities; and 5) claim administrators and investigators. Depending on the Company's interactions with you, we may or may not collect all of the information identified about you.

The Personal and Sensitive Personal Information That We Are Collecting. We are collecting the following information:

How Your Personal and Sensitive Personal Information is Used. We may use Personal and Sensitive Personal Information:

We may or may not have used Personal and Sensitive Personal Information about you for each of the above purposes.

Sharing of Personal Information. We only share your information with the following third-party entities:

Selling of Personal Information. The Company DOES NOT sell your personal information.

Data Retention. The Company retains the information it receives about you for a period of: 4 years unless a shorter or longer period is required by California or Federal law.

For Inquiries and/or to Submit Requests for Information, Deletion or Correction. Please contact either: (1) HR Manager, 951-256-8428, [email protected] , 264 Mariah Circle, Corona, CA 92879, or (2) 800-507-2338 for inquiries about the Company's policy, or to submit your requests for information, deletion or correction.