Motorsport Springs
Engineered to Win.

Race Springs

Renowned for our extensive catalog of over 1,500 precision engineered race springs.

Eibach race springs offer unparalleled customization and performance optimization across a wide spectrum of racing applications.


1.63 - 2.50” ID / 36 - 70mm ID

Eibach Coilover Spring

XT Barrel

5.00 - 5.50” OD

Eibach XT Barrel Spring


2.50” ID

Eibach Platinum Spring


2.50” ID - 5.50” OD

Eibach Conventional Race Spring


2.5 - 3.75” ID

Eibach Off-Road Spring

Specialty Products

Solutions for everything in between.

From shocks to pull-bars we offer a wide range of spring solutions to fine tune the handling dynamics of your race car.

5th Coil

Progressive Fifth Coil Spring

Eibach 5th Coil Spring

Pull Bar

Progressive Pull Bar Springs

Eibach Pull Bar

Bump Springs

2.25” - 2.5” Length / 50 - 7000lbin.

Eibach Bump Spring

Elastomer Bump Stops

Micro-Cell Elastomer

Eibach Bump Stop


Everything you need to make it work..

Eibach offers a range of race spring accessories like couplers, bearings, bags and more so you can get the most out of your spring system.

Eibach Race Spring Accessories

Race Spring Systems

Unsurpassed in performance and flexibility

By combining Eibach Main, Tender and/or Helper springs, the suspension engineer or weekend racer can create the perfect combination of spring rates for the ultimate suspension set-up.

Eibach Race Spring Systems