PRO-SPACER Wheel Spacers

Eibach Wheel Spacer

Widen Your Stance

Eibach PRO-SPACER is the ideal combination for use with Eibach PRO-KIT or SPORTLINE, ensuring your wheels sit flush with the wheel arches and don't rub against the suspension or body work. Wheel spacers can also improve handling, stability, and traction by providing a more stable and even weight distribution between the wheels.

  • Made from high tensile strength alloy
  • Exact fitment using minimal production tolerances, resulting in exceptional wheel balance
  • All applications tested in rigid durability and fatigue tests
  • High grade corrosion protection through a special coating process (salt spray test according to DIN 50021)

Find Your Spacer

Eibach offers two types of wheel spacer systems with various styles to cater to different needs. Use the application search below to see which options are available for your vehicle.

Eibach wheel spacer part number breakdown

Slip-On Systems: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6

Slip-on spacer systems range from 3mm – 25mm and require extended hardware for proper installation and simply slip on the hub. This hardware can be extended wheel bolts or extended wheel studs which require press-fitment into the wheel hub. Hardware is sold separately.

Eibach slip on wheel spacers

Bolt-On Systems: 4, 7, 8

Bolt-on spacer systems range from 15mm – 45mm and include fixed wheel studs or threads to allow use of original hardware and simply bolt to the hub. Bolt-on systems require the use of alloy wheels with pockets or cut-outs on the back-pad of the wheel in order for the wheel to sit flush on the spacer without interference of the original hardware. Required hardware is included.

Eibach bolt on wheel spacers

Measuring for Proper Fitment

  1. Place a straight edge against the point of least clearance on the outside of the fender.

    This point is where the tire is most likely to contact the fender. Typically, this will be the middle of the fender arch.

  2. With a tape measure or ruler, measure from outermost part of the wheel/tire to the straight edge.

    This number in mm will be the exact number to get the wheel/tire in line with the fender. We recommend choosing a spacer that is slightly less than the final number to avoid fender to tire contact.

Wheel Spacer measurement guide

Wheel Spacer Search

Easily locate the correct spacers for your specific make and model using the application search below, or purchase from one of our trusted authorized dealers and online retailers.