Heavy Duty Rear Lift Springs

Eibach Springs

No Compromises

Eliminating the need for air bags, spring spacers, or excessive spring rate, HD Rear Springs are ideal for those seeking an drop-in replacement over our standard lift springs to compensate for additional weight over the rear axle. They are designed to maintain a desirable ride height while carrying heavy loads.

  • 2.0 - 2.75" of lift
  • Developed for vehicles with added weight over the rear axle
  • Drop-in alternative for PRO-LIFT-KIT rear springs
  • Designed for use with PRO-TRUCK Sport shocks

Load Compensation

Whether you have a rear swingout, metal rear bumper, rooftop tent, or any other heavy accessories mounted in the back, PRO-LIFT-KIT HD rear springs are highly recommended. These springs have been designed to retain up to 2” of lift height when a consistent weight range of 200-400lbs is added over the rear axle. This leads to increased stability on the street while gaining back ground clearance on the trail.

Eibach spring drawing

Maintain Control and Proper Ride Height

Without Load Compenstation

When carrying extra weight, additional spring rate is needed. This can lead to accelerated wear on other components as well as an unbalanced ride and undesirable handling characteristics.

PRO-LIFT-KIT HD Rear Springs

HD rear springs have additional spring rate to lift your rig back up to its intended lift height after adding cargo and accessories. These are compatible with PRO-LIFT-KIT and PRO-TRUCK-LIFT equipped vehicles.