5th Coil Spring Progressive Rate

5th Coil Spring

Enhance Grip and Performance

Eibach's Progressive 5TH-COIL-SPRING features dynamic rate control, engineered to increase mechanical grip using multiple rates throughout the acceleration curve.

Each 5TH-COIL-SPRING is manufactured by Eibach in the USA with legendary quality and proprietary high-tensile, chrome-silicon spring wire to ensure consistent performance, race after race.

How 5th Coil Springs Work

The progressive design of the 5th coil delivers maximum grip down the straight and in transition utilizing a 250lb inch primary spring rate during the first 2 inches of travel, reducing drivetrain shock and increasing initial bite as you take a set.

As load is added, rate smoothly transitions to activate the secondary 425lb inch coils, which provides a consistent, planted feel throughout acceleration reducing excessive wheel spin, resulting in increased traction and repeatable performance lap after lap.

5th Coil Spring drawing