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Off-Road Performance - PRO-TRUCK Reservoir Shocks

For those in search of a tough, well-engineered coilover system that will put up with the repeated abuse of frequent trail driving, we proudly offer our PRO-TRUCK-LIFT STAGE 2R. This system consists of our widely acclaimed 2.0 Coilovers up front, and our brand-new 2.0 Coilovers with remote reservoirs in the rear.

Providing excellent damping and control in the rear are “piggyback,” or, attached remote reservoir (also referred to as “resi”) coilovers. The benefits are immense: a dramatically improved ride quality over rough surfaces, expanded customizability, and greater longevity.

The remote reservoir features a linear piston: this increases fluid capacity, greatly reduces heat that\’s created from repeated and extended abuse and improves overall longevity among the shock\’s components. These shocks are better at withstanding large impacts and maintain better control at high speeds.

This feature is especially key for overlanding, as the added weight of skid plates, a roof rack, storage, spare wheel, rooftop tent, and other weight-gaining gear can immensely affect the vehicle's static ride height and damping qualities on the trail.

Up front, the 2.0 Coilovers provide excellent damping and travel. These utilize digressive pistons in their bodies -this design has soft and compliant high-speed compression characteristics, which come in handy over rougher, washboard surfaces, and other small-yet-annoying trail features. Essentially, they deal with the rough stuff while maintaining a compliant-yet-connected ride.

Extensive, real-world off-road testing went into our choice to utilize digressive pistons up front and remote reservoir, linear pistons in the rear. Our engineers found that this combination creates the ideal overall ride quality, both off-road and on the street.

In addition to the extensive engineering that we\’ve put into our STAGE 2 R shocks\’ ride quality and control, we\’ve doubled down by making sure they last with anodized brackets, Zinc-coated tubes, Nitrocarburized rods, and Maxima (R) shock oil.

  • Rear reservoir (or, “resi”) shocks are paired with our 2.0 front coilovers to create the PRO-TRUCK-LIFT STAGE 2R)
  • Zinc-coated shock tubes
  • 5/8” hardened, nitrocarburized rods for un-matched materials quality
  • Piggy-back-type design for ease of installation improved protection
  • Anodized brackets to protect against corrosion
  • Billet aluminum spring seats for strength
  • Sturdy 46mm tubing
  • Maxima (R) shock oil - because we only select the best

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