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Continuing our goal of offering performance suspension products for all forms of motorsports, our DRAG-LAUNCH springs are specially engineered to improve your times at the drag strip and give you a solid edge over the competition.

The DRAG-LAUNCH Kit is optimized for traction by taking weight transfer into account and providing maximum grip at launch. This means increased torque control, reduced wheel hop, faster 60ft and lower ET's. The DRAG-LAUNCH Kit is made of the same high-quality materials as our PRO-KIT and Motorsport springs, precision wound hi-tensile steel alloy, cold-formed, tempered and shot-peened for long lasting performance and durability.

  • More consistent load transfer during launches
  • Increased control and reduced wheel hop
  • Lower 1/4-miles ET's
  • Finished with a gloss grey coating (New color!)
  • Made by Eibach in the USA

For the 1979-93 FOX body and 1994-04 SN95 Ford Mustang chassis, we offer a DRAG-LAUNCH kit with an airbag kit included. The air bag kit is installed within the passenger-rear spring and ensures power is sent to the tire's contact patch more efficiently during acceleration. With the addition of a progressive right-rear spring, this improves consistency in launches, controlling axle torque and preventing increased right-rear squat.

It's attention to drivetrain-detail and weight-transfer, as well as having deep experience in progreesive spring rate engineering, that's earned us a top spot in aftermarket suspension tuning for all of our product lines.

Coming soon for the S550 Mustang Models!

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