Online - Approved Dealers

Most Eibach products are available from authorized dealers including local automotive parts stores, vehicle dealers, performance stores, and internet retailers.
However, if you wish to buy direct from Eibach, we offer the full line of Eibach products with several shipping options.

Attention International Customers!

Buy Eibach with Confidence and Full Support from your local Eibach Dealer or Retailer in your Country! Eibach is sold through local dealers and distributors in over 100 countries around the world. Before you buy from outside your own country—be aware of the reasons for only purchasing Eibach products from an authorized Eibach Dealer or Retailer in your country:

  1. Local Knowledge: Eibach suspension components may require application verification, technical assistance and installation expertise. Your local dealer has the knowledge to provide you with the correct suspension kit and local installation.
  2. Market Differences: Many vehicles may appear to be the same as with a similar model available in another country—however, most of the time the lowering may be completely wrong due to weight differences or not fit at all, due to different shocks and struts for different markets.
  3. Exchanges/Warranty: With the current range of vehicle models, not only country, but also vehicle–specific details need to be observed. Without this critical information, additional costs can be incurred if the wrong product is selected—for example: shipping and duties for product exchanges and/or installation and removal labor of suspension components. Please note: All exchanges and/or warranties must go through the original place of purchase.
  4. Expenses Overlooked: Additional expenses for shipping, customs and insurance, particularly with deliveries from another country. Presumed price advantages in online buying from outside your county may prove quickly to be just the opposite.

Purchasing through your local dealer will have the following advantages:

  • 100% New Goods
  • 100% Original Goods
  • 100% Warranty Through Local Dealer
  • Latest State-Of-The-Art Components Designed For Your Vehicle
  • No Grey Market Imports That "Might" Fit
  • No Hidden Fees, No Handling Risk
  • Find your local authorized Eibach dealer or online retailer through our online international dealer look-up or with our local importer.