Eibach x Coleman Motorsports Shake Down

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Finally, it’s that time of the year: King of the Hammers is going down this weekend and it’s shaping up to be an epic event. Recently, we checked in with driver Jason Coleman who will be participating in the Toyo Tire Desert Challenge race with his Eibach-equipped T2 Truck. Follow along and check out the first vlog episode below.

Coleman’s no stranger to the sport. He started out navigating in 2004 and transitioned to driving in 2008. He started out racing in Limited Buggy 1600, and then moved on to compete in Class 10, Class 1, Class 12, and has been duking it out in Trophy Truck since 2017. Trophy Truck is exactly where he wants to be, and after a solid win last year at San Felipe, he’s in it to win it this year at King of the Hammers.

Trophy Truck with Eibach Spring
Trophy Truck with Eibach Springs

Recently, he completed a day of testing and pre-running in Johnson Valley, California in preparation for this year’s event. We caught up with him to chat about his goals and aspirations, as well as why he’s proud to have Eibach Race Springs bolted up underneath his No. 6192 Trophy Truck.

When asked how testing went, Coleman reported: “Testing went really well! We had to make some minor tweaks for KOH since it’s a little bit of everything. And if you don’t show up ready to go, considering the level of equipment and skill you’re competing with, you might be at a major disadvantage. We were able to fine-tune our suspension setup down to exactly what we needed, which was to improve driver comfort as well as maintain the speed we want to keep on track.”

As far as dependability and durability, Coleman noted that “with Eibach, we can count on the product to perform exactly how we want it to, and not have to make more adjustments over the course of the race.”

Jason Coleman getting in Eibach Trophy Truck
Eibach Trophy Truck

When it comes to his thoughts on the course, he’s optimistic and looking forward to the challenge. “ We’re familiar with the area as we’ve raced out there a few times. But the organizers really do a good job mixing it up and keeping you on your toes about what the course layout will be, which really is the fun part. We’ve probably raced on some of the sections before, though there are probably some that we haven’t.”

When asked about how Eibach has helped him out in his setup and preparation, Coleman likens his team’s mantra to Eibach’s own. “ We race to win, kind of like how Eibach’s products are ‘Engineered to Win.’ We don’t just want to finish, or just finish well. We want to win, because that’s what we’ve put so much time, effort and money towards.”

Jason Coleman with Eibach Equipped Trophy Truck and Prerunner

We wish Coleman the best of luck, and if you’re in Southern California, check out the event in person! Competition is stacked, and action will be top-notch.

Episode #1
Chasin Jason Coleman!

Chasin Jason Coleman video cover

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