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Eibach - PRO-TRUCK Reservoir Shocks

Off-Road Performance - PRO-TRUCK Reservoir Shocks

PRO-TRUCK Reservoir | Rear Shock

The next level in damping performance.

The Next Level of Eibach Off Road.

Eibach PRO-TRUCK Reservoir Shocks are the newest addition to Eibach’s selection of off-road performance dampers. From hardened nitro-steel piston rods, to 46mm monotube construction, each PRO-TRUCK Reservoir Shock features the same quality components found in the PRO-TRUCK Coilover and PRO-TRUCK Sport Shocks. Equipped with a piggyback remote reservoir system, the PRO-TRUCK Reservoir Shock features increased fluid capacity, allowing for more controlled pressures under severe abuse. This translates to more consistent damping forces on extended runs, or with heavy loads over rough terrain.

Each PRO-TRUCK Reservoir Shock’s damping characteristics are carefully matched to work in conjunction with Eibach coilover systems, providing the perfect balance of control and ride quality off-road.

  • Increased high speed damping performance for more control through G outs and varying terrain
  • Monotube design for maximum piston surface area and increased response
  • Extended travel accommodates rear lift systems
  • Hardened Nitro-Steel Piston Shaft for Maximum Abrasion Resistance and Durability
  • Filled with MAXIMA ® performance shock oil
  • Nitrogen charged for cavitation resistance and consistent performance
  • Includes billet aluminum bracket and mounts and fittings
  • Each shock is dyno tested for performance and consistency
  • Million Mile, Limited Lifetime Warranty
Eibach Pro Truck Reservoir Shock

What is a “Resi”

The ‘R’ in STAGE 2R stands for reservoir, meaning the rear shocks feature an attached remote reservoir (also known as “resi” shocks), also known as a “piggyback” design. The benefits are immense: a dramatically-improved ride quality, solid overall durability, and greater longevity.

Eibach Pro-Truck Sport Shock Features

The nitrogen charged monotube design in all Eibach shocks allow for increased damping performance utilizing a pressurized cavity behind the internal floating piston. This pressurized chamber reduces oil aeration leading to loss of performance by cavitation of the oil.

Eibach Pro-Truck Reservoir Features

A remote (piggyback) reservoir system increases fluid capacity, allowing for more travel and control of internal pressures. This translates to higher resistance to fade and delivers consistent damping performance at the higher shaft speeds seen in the rear of the vehicle.

Application Lookup

Take Your Vehicle Even Further.

Our PRO-TRUCK-LIFT Stage 2R pairs our “Resi” with the PRO-TRUCK Coilover 2.0 for the ultimate in Eibach Off Road Performance.

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