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Street Performance - Adjustable End Links

Stabilizer bar end links connect your sway bar to your suspension system, and Eibach has taken these to the next level with our adjustable spherical end links.

Adjustable end links are beneficial on vehicles with ride height adjustable suspension (like coilovers), because they allow you to adjust the balance of a sway bar for optimum cornering weight when changing your ride height.

  • Adjustable length for optimized stabilizer bar angle
  • Developed and tested for street and off-road performance
  • Off-road applications include heavy-duty Aurora® rod ends
  • Hex ends and knurled body for easy adjustment
  • Precision-fit misalignment spacers and hardware included
  • System sold in pairs
End Link Kit
  • 2 - Turnbuckles
  • 4 - Rod Ends
  • 4 - Jam Nuts
Misalignment Kits
  • 4 - Misalignment Spacers

Application Specific End Links


Prevent Sway Bar Preload

Adjustable end links provide a reasonably quick and easy way to fix issues with stabilizer bar preloading you might be experiencing.

Proper Sway Bar Fitting

Adjustable end links give you the ability to use any of the adjustment holes of your stabilizer bar to properly fit it in your vehicle.

Prevent Contact with Control Arms

Adjustable end links allow you to set the sway bar in the center of the control arms, ensuring there is no contact under heavy loading and unloading.

End Link Detail

Eibach adjustable end link exploded view

Standard Rod Ends are an affordable option for a daily driver on a budget. Our standard rod ends are made of a durable nylon material designed to be lightweight and hold to regular driving conditions.

Heavy Duty Aurora® Rod Ends are recommended for drivers that push their vehicles to the limit around the track or off road. We chose Aurora® for their reputation of manufacturing the highest quality hardware for automotive use.

Turnbuckles come in various lengths and are made of black anodized/knurled 6061 T6 aluminum, with a laser engraved Eibach logo.

Misalignment Spacers allow for max articulation of rod end and come in 5mm and 10mm thicknesses.

Selecting Your End Links

Step 1 - Make Your Measurements

To determine what length you need for your end link, you may be able to measure without removing anything from your vehicle, otherwise remove your existing end links and measure from the center of one bolt to the other.

How to measure your vehicle for end links

Step 2 - Choose Your Part Numbers


UEL - Indicates the part belongs to our custom end link collection.

## - The first set of numbers indicates the diameter (in mm) of the end link bolt.

### - The second set of numbers indicates the minimum length (in mm) from eye to eye of the end link.

Measurement specification diagram for adjustable end links

DISCLAIMER: Be sure to choose an end link that will not exceed the maximum length listed , otherwise it can break. If your measurement is close to a maximum length, go one size up.

Inches to mm Conversion

Fill in either field to get get your inches-to-millimeter or millimeter-to-inches conversion:

inches = mm

Part Numbers

Standard Rod Ends

Part # (2 pack) Bolt Diameter Min Length (mm) Max Length (mm)
UEL-10-070 M10 70 80
UEL-10-105 M10 105 140
UEL-10-125 M10 125 155
UEL-10-145 M10 145 185
UEL-10-165 M10 165 195
UEL-10-185 M10 185 215
UEL-10-205 M10 205 235
UEL-10-225 M10 225 255
UEL-10-245 M10 245 275
UEL-12-075 M12 75 95
UEL-12-115 M12 115 145
UEL-12-135 M12 135 165
UEL-12-155 M12 155 185
UEL-12-175 M12 175 205
UEL-12-195 M12 195 225
UEL-12-215 M12 215 245
UEL-12-235 M12 235 265
UEL-12-255 M12 255 285
UEL-14-200 M14 200 235

Heavy Duty Rod Ends

Part # (2 pack) Bolt Diameter Min Length (mm) Max Length (mm)
UEL-10-105HD M10 70 80
UEL-10-105HD M10 105 135
UEL-10-125HD M10 125 155
UEL-10-145HD M10 145 185
UEL-10-165HD M10 165 195
UEL-10-185HD M10 185 215
UEL-10-205HD M10 205 235
UEL-10-225HD M10 225 255
UEL-10-245HD M10 245 275
UEL-12-075HD M12 75 95
UEL-12-115HD M12 115 145
UEL-12-135HD M12 135 165
UEL-12-155HD M12 155 185
UEL-12-175HD M12 175 205
UEL-12-195HD M12 195 225
UEL-12-215HD M12 215 245
UEL-12-235HD M12 235 265
UEL-12-255HD M12 255 285

Step 3 - Choose Spacers

Check your clearance around where the end link is located. Eibach recommends using a thicker spacer when space allows to keep the end link further away from the other components. The goal is to have as much clearance around the end link from other components as possible.

Note: solid steel replacement parts can transmit frequencies and may attribute to increased NVH

Part # (4 pack) Bolt Diameter Width (mm)
ELS-10-05 M10 5mm
ELS-10-10 M10 10mm
ELS-12-05 M12 5mm
ELS-12-11 M12 11.5mm
ELS-14-11 M14 11mm
Space around end link

Step 4 - Select Options Above

Once you have determined your needs, select your part numbers from the drop down menus at the top of the page. A typical order consists of either standard OR heavy duty end links, and a set of misalignment spacers, however you can also order parts individually.

FAQs About End Links

What is preload?

Preload on a sway bar is when the vehicle is on level ground, a force (or pressure) is being exerted across the vehicle to one side. This can cause a vehicle to act differently on left turns vs right turns, and can make fitting non-adjustable end links into your vehicle difficult.

Should the sway bar be parallel to the ground?

It doesn’t need to be. The goal is to remove the preload on your sway bar, your concern when adjusting should be to be able to slide the end link bolts into the sway bar without friction or needing to twist the bar.

When should end links be replaced?

If your end links are loosening and making noise, it's a good indication that your bushings are worn and need to be replaced. Also check for damage from contact with the control arms, especially on lowered vehicles.

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