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Eibach - 5th Coil Spring

Product Releases - 5th Coil Spring


Introducing our NEW 5TH-COIL-SPRING featuring dynamic rate control, engineered to increase grip using multiple rates throughout the acceleration curve. The progressive design of the 5th coil delivers maximum grip utilizing a 250lb inch primary spring rate during the first 2 inches of travel, reducing drivetrain shock and increasing initial bite. Rate smoothly transitions to activate the secondary 425lb inch coils, which provide a consistent, planted feel throughout acceleration, reducing “wheel spin” and resulting increased traction lap after lap

Each 5TH-COIL-SPRING is manufactured by Eibach in the USA with legendary quality and proprietary high-tensile, chrome-silicon spring wire to ensure consistent performance , year after year.

Eibach 5th Coil Spring


Product Part # MSRP Cart
EIBACH PROGRESSIVE TENDER SPRING 1000.250.0250-0425 $115.00
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