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New Eibach EF Series Front Springs—the ultimate in performance and durability. Eibach's engineers have developed the most advanced winding technology in the industry today. This winding technology, along with our proprietary highest tensile strength wire, delivers industry leading travel, the lightest physical weight and unbeatable durability. The result: race-winning performance that lasts.

Team Eibach 2012: 649+ Wins, 37+ Championships and 8 Rookies of the year. Don't get left behind—make the switch to Eibach now! Eibach—The Will to Win.

EIBACH NASCAR Front spring (EF)
  • Ultra Lightweight for Reduced Unsprung Mass
  • Maximum Travel in Combination with the Smallest Block Heights
  • Lowest Side Loads with Load Center Ideally Located Relative to the Spring Axis
  • Precision Tolerances—The Tightest in the Industry
  • Each Spring Individually Tested and Rated
EIBACH NASCAR Front spring (EF)
Part Number Rate at
1200 lbs
Height at
1200 lbs
Rate at
1500 lbs
Height at
1500 lbs
Travel from
1200 lbs to
Block Height
8.75 (length in inches) — 5.75 O.D.            
EF380.370-3230 382 5.891 370 5.093 3.231
EF413.404-3420 413 6.071 404 5.338 3.418
EF445.435-3620 443 6.261 435 5.578 3.621
EF470.460-3800 472 6.440 462 5.798 3.803

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013
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