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Product Releases - 1967-1970 FORD MUSTANG - PRO-KIT

Eibach’s PRO-KIT is the perfect solution when it comes to upgrading a classic muscle car’s suspension with modern day technology. It’s our legendary spring system that will dramatically improve these classics’ performance and appearance.

PRO-KIT improves your Mustang’s suspension by using our custom engineered performance springs to lower your car’s center of gravity, reduce squat during acceleration, body roll while cornering and excessive nose-dive under braking – additionally, you’ll reduce excessive fender-well clearance for a more aggressive look. PRO-KIT makes a huge difference in handling and will make the car feel better than new.

Every Eibach PRO-KIT is designed and tested by our suspension engineers and driving professionals, to deliver high performance handling without ever compromising safety or ride quality. By using our proprietary, progressive spring design, PRO-KIT provides the ultimate balance to take your passion for driving to a whole new level.


Pro-Kit #3561.120 & #3562.120

  • High Performance Handling and Aggressive Good Looks
  • Lower Center of Gravity — Lowers Mustang 1.0" Front
  • Stop Quicker, Corner Faster and get Better MPG
  • Excellent Ride Quality
  • Million Mile Warranty




OE rate: 45 N/mm (257 lbs/in)
PRO-KIT progressive rate: 69 - 91 N/mm (394 - 520 lbs/in)
PRO-KIT progressive rate (Big Block): 85 N/mm (485 lbs/in)
Bump-stop: OE
Damper: OE
Tubing: N/A
OE wheel center to fender: N/A
PRO-KIT wheel center to fender: 577 mm (22.7 in)
PRO-KIT can be aligned to OE Specs: Yes 

Front Alignment:

1964-1970 FORD MUSTANG

Approximate installation time: 1 hr 

PRO-KIT spring rates are measured as a system of front or rear suspension. 10mm of bump-stop deflection is included in the final rate of the system. 

1964-1970 FORD MUSTANG

MFG Model Year Front Part# ETA
FORD Mustang Coupe, V8, Small Block 1967-70 1.0 in 3561.120 August
FORD Mustang Coupe, V8, Big Block 1967-70 1.0 in 3562.120 August
FORD Cougar, V8, Small Block 1967-70 1.0 in 3561.120 August
FORD Cougar, V8, Big Block 1967-70 1.0 in 3562.120 August

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