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Tunable Traction

Eibach Bump Stops are a vital part of a well-engineered suspension system, and are used to create a highly progressive, rising-rate effect as springs approach bottoming and possible coil binding.

Bump stops have recently been approved by several circle-track sanctioning bodies to solve possible control and safety issues relating to abrupt coil-bind in increasingly popular softer spring set ups. They are a great solution for smoothly controlling the wheel as the spring nears full compression, and deliver a significant positive impact on cornering grip, overall handling and driver confidence.

We offer an extensive range in various designs, sizes and spring-rate characteristics, to suit just about any form of racing.

  • Extensive Travel with Minimal Lateral Expansion
  • Made From a Micro-Cellular Polyurethane Elastomer
  • Progressive Compression and Damping Characteristics
  • Highly Tunable and Adjustable
Eibach Elastomer Bump Stops
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