Stage 3 Performance Springs

Eibach PRO-UTV Spring

Upgrade your UTV's Suspension

Get the most out of your UTV's suspension with Eibach's PRO-UTV Stage 2 or Stage 3 springs. Our comprehensive suspension system provides the control and stability you need to tackle any terrain. Order now and experience the legendary performance, quality, and reliability that Eibach is known for.

  • Dual-rate spring stack
  • Reduced rear end buck
  • Improved comfort over choppy terrain
  • Increased handling capability and control

Put Yourself Ahead of the Competition

OE UTV suspension is designed to be on the softer side, aiming at compliance with a more universal setup that doesn't allow the equipped shocks to do their job.

Eibach PRO-UTV springs are designed, tested, and manufactured at our Southern California facility with the highest quality raw materials available. Our proprietary spring steel processes have been proven to withstand the harshest environments, from racing across the deserts of Dakar to withstanding attacks on armored vehicles. We offer legendary performance, quality, and reliability, which is why Eibach Racing Off-Road springs are the choice of off-road champions from ULTRA4 to WRC.

Eibach Pro-UTV spring drawing


Eibach PRO=UTV Stage 2 Illustration

In stock form, springs tend to be on the softer side, aiming for compliance a more universal “one size fits all” approach that doesn't allow the equipped shocks to do their job, not to mention the less-than-ideal ride height. In some cases, the stock springs are soft enough to be completely blocked at the resting ride height.

Stage 3

Eibach PRO=UTV Stage 3 Illustration

The Stage 3 UTV spring kit is designed for 2-seat or 4-seat UTVs that are typically at full passenger capacity and are carrying 100-200lbs of added weight (spare tire, lights, cage, sound system, etc.)

Stage 2 vs. Stage 3

The chart below helps compare the differences between the two offered spring kit options. Still on the fence? Continue to the form below to help you determine which kit is best for your needs.

Feature Stage 2 Stage 3
Terrain Desert, Trail Sand, Dirt Track
Occupants 1-2 Passengers 2-3 Passengers
Driving Style Casual Aggressive
Additional Weight Less than 100 lbs 100 - 200 lbs

Choosing the Right Kit

Application Search

Eibach offers PRO-UTV springs for most Polaris, Can-Am, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and Textron side-by-sides. Search your vehicle below or use our dealer locator to find a trusted dealer nearby that can help determine the best springs for your driving style.