People are our top priority—our customers, suppliers, business partners and above all our employees—this is what we call "Team Eibach". Enjoyment to work, motivation and excellent apprenticeship combined with experience and craftsmanship are the key factors for success and outstanding performance.

We put a lot of emphasis on a balanced team, which consists of young, well-trained junior staff as well as colleagues with years of experience. For decades we have successfully committed ourselves to educate young people. As a result, more than a third of the Eibach Team at our location in Finnentrop, Germany are either former or current trainees.

Our high level of education is often confirmed by official awards assigned to apprentices of Eibach. We promote training on-the-job and further qualification as well as training in foreign languages and support our junior staff in their continuative studies. Hereby we create a cooperative relationship that ensures the future of our company as well as the future of our employees.

At the same time we see our intensive and successful training program as an important service to the community.