Eibach is a company with a long tradition and a worldwide reputation as a leading brand for sport suspensions. But now the quality manufacturer from the German Sauerland region has gone beyond offering only lowered ride heights and balanced, dynamic setups for vehicles. Many car brands use OE suspension springs from Eibach from the outset – without any lowering. Based on their longstanding experience in this area, the family-run company has now decided to develop a range of standard replacement springs under the Eibach brand: the Eibach Replacement Line.

The Eibach Replacement Line comprises cylindrical springs as well as mini-block and side load springs to ensure coverage of as many vehicles as possible. The specifications of the products correspond to the standard production components and meet the Eibach quality promise in all respects. The high brand awareness means that car repair shops have access to a top quality product range which guarantees customer satisfaction. At the same time, reasonable pricing ensures that the costs for parts and repair remain within an attractive range. Identification of the parts is easy in all TecDoc-based catalogue systems.

Thanks to the modern CNC machinery and the use of the highest quality steel, Eibach can guarantee minimal manufacturing tolerances and an extremely long service life. In addition to tempering, shot peening creates the special strength of Eibach suspension springs. Finally, a sophisticated corrosion protection is applied with zinc phosphating as a primer and then the springs are coated with an electrostatic powder. To ensure that the vehicle height remains unchanged, all springs are pre-stressed at the factory as a part of the production process to counteract settling during driving.


ERL | Eibach Replacement Line

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