From beginning riders to expert racers, a finely tuned suspension will make a world of difference in the level of performance-and enjoyment-you´ll get from your snowmobile. From fresh powder, ice to hard-pack, you´ll find the ideal spring configuration (or spring combination, as in Double or Triple Spring Set-ups) in the look-up window below. These are all Eibach motorsport quality ERS (Eibach Race Springs) and are available in lengths of 2" to 18", rates of 70 lbs to 4500 lbs, and 1.63" inner diameter to 5.75" outside diameter. For more information contact our sales department: 1-800-507-2338

Snowmobile Tuners

Have a specific need? We are more than happy to co-engineer and manufacture your specific spring(s) or even your own private-label line. As the world leader in Motorsport springs for automotive (on the track and off-road) motorcycle (on the track and off-road), and snowmobile suspension, Eibach is dedicated to being the spring partner of choice for the leading suspension companies and racing teams in the Snowmobile Market.

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